Vienna Stock Exchange Products

The market segmentation allocates the financial instruments traded on the markets of Wiener Börse AG according to certain criteras into market segments. The market segmentation does not take into account whether financial instruments are admitted to listing on a regulated market (Official Market or Second Regulated Market) or is traded on a Multilateral Trading System (Third Market):
The prime market, the standard market and the derivatives market include only shares and certificates representing shares, and options and financial futures contracts admitted to a regulated market.
On all other market segments, financial instruments may be traded that have been admitted to trading on a regulated market as well as financial instruments traded on the Third Market in its function as an MTF.

The allocation criteria to the different market segments is determined particulary by

  • Markets (Official Market, Second Regulated Market, Third Market)
  • Type of financial instruments (shares, participation certificates, bonds, certificates etc)
  • More stringent reporting, quality and disclosure requirements
  • Liquidity Providing (Specialist, Market Maker etc.)
  • Trading system and type trading

The obligations of issuers stipulated by the Stock Exchange Act are not be affected by the new market segmentation.

Trading in financial instruments on the Multilateral Trading System (MTF) Third Market does not require any formal admission procedures to the exchange.

The requirements of the Austrian Stock Exchange Act refer to the admission to trading of financial instruments to a regulated market, whereas the obligations of issuers do not apply to financial instruments traded on the Third Market; however, the prohibitions of Articles 48b and 48c Austrian Stock Exchange act do apply.

Market segments

The financial instruments traded on the markets of Wiener Börse AG are grouped into the following segments: EQUITY MARKET.AT (shares), BOND MARKET.AT (bonds), DERIVATIVES MARKET.AT (derivatives), STRUCTURED PRODUCTS.AT(certificates, exchange traded funds, investment funds and warrants) and OTHER SECURITIES.AT (shares, participation certificates).