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Eurivex is a privately owned Cyprus Investment Firm, regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities & Exchange Commission (CySEC), license 114/10 offering: Receipt & Transmission and Execution of Orders, Dealing on Own Account for trading in financial instruments (forex, shares, bonds, and derivatives), and safe-keeping and safe custody services.

Eurivex is a family owned firm. The two shareholders are Shavasb Bohdjalian and his son, Yervant Bohdjalian. Both are licensed professionals and members of the Board of Directors.

Eurivex has a strong capital base boasting a capital adequacy ratio in excess of 35%.

Listing Services on Stock Exchanges

Share listings on Cyprus Stock Exchange

Eurivex is an approved Nominated Advisor (Nomad) for listing of shares on the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (ECM/CSE). 

Bond listings – Vienna Stock Exchange and ECM/CSE

Eurivex has extensive experience in helping Issuers list their corporate bonds on the ECM Market of Cyprus Stock Exchange as well as on the MTF Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange.

We have helped Issuers from many jurisdictions list:

  • Fixed and flexible interest bearing bonds
  • convertible bonds
  • zero coupon bonds
  • Performance Linked Notes.

Fund Listings

Eurivex, through its association with other specialist firms has the expertise to setup Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) or other funds and thereafter list the AIFs on recognized EU stock exchanges.

According to the AIF law, an AIF that lists more than 80% of its shares on a recognized stock exchange and appoints a Market Maker has the option not to appoint a Custodian Bank to hold custody of its assets thereby giving additional flexibility to the AIF Manager.

Scope of services:

  1. Consultation on the organizational structure
  2. Consultation on the applicable business model
  3. Pre-flotation stage: advice and assistance on matters such as the capital structure of the Company, public float, and in general on procedures and matters concerning the prerequisites for listing on the CSE as per the applicable laws of the Republic of Cyprus and of the European Union.
  1. Preparation of the ‘Application File’ which includes:
    1. Preparation of a customized Admission Document/Information Memorandum
    2. Consultations with the Company and its legal advisors, auditors and other professionals with respect to the collection of the necessary information
    3. Preparation and advise on the Business Plan
    4. Preparation of the application forms
    5. Review of the shareholders’, directors’, and senior management’s questionnaires
    6. Assistance in providing all the necessary documentation and certificates
  1. Post Application submission follow up and response to communication with CSE
  2. Monitor and assist the Company according to the rules and regulations of the Emerging Companies Market and the continuing obligations
  3. Advise the Company in respect of its obligations and take any appropriate measures for the fulfillment of these obligations.

Main Market

Eurivex provides its expertise and know-how in helping Issuers list on the Main Regulated Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange and thereafter secure fast-track listing on the established European markets of London or Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

Custody – Omnibus

CSE Custodian

Eurivex is an approved CSE Custodian for safe custody of financial instruments listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange.

Share Registry – Omnibus

Eurivex is in a position to offer its share registry service to its clients, as well as its Omnibus account service which has many advantages. First, it reduces the cost of CSD Depository fees on the Issuer, especially when the shareholder base of the Issuer is very large.

By placing the financial instruments under the Eurivex Omnibus, the main stakeholders avoid public scrutiny even though as a regulated firm, Eurivex will insist on knowing the identity of the Ultimate Beneficial Owners and such information will be provided to the relevant stock exchange where the listing is made.

The other main advantage is the ease with which foreign nationals are able to open securities accounts to maintain their stake in the listed company. By opening their accounts with Eurivex, foreign nationals can appoint Eurivex to hold the shares of the Issuer on their behalf, which allows for quick transfer of shares, provides confidentiality and reduces the cost of transaction.

Settlement in Clearstream- Euroclear

For listings on the Vienna Stock Exchange, Eurivex can setup registry in CREST through which Eurivex can settle financial securities with Clearstream, Euroclear and the Russian NSD.

Settlement in CREST

For listings on the Cyprus Stock Exchange in Sterling pound (GBP) whose registry is maintained not with the Cyprus CSD but in CREST, Eurivex can act as Nomad and facilitate the listing through its association with UK based firms who are CREST Members.

Market Maker

For Funds listings, Eurivex is in a position to act as Market Maker for Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs) that choose to list on a recognized EU stock exchange, and thus avoid the requirement to appoint a Custodian.

Eurivex may also act as liquidity provider for other regulated and licensed investment firms wishing to offer CFD and other financial instruments trading.

The Dealing on Own Account license permits Eurivex to make a market in financial instruments of issuers whose securities are listed on recognized stock exchanges.