The Cyprus Stock Exchange announced the listing of 1 mln Performance Linked Notes of Goldman & Partners Ltd on the Bonds Market of the CSE Emerging Companies Market of a nominal value of €1 at a listing price of €1, pursuant to Article 58(1) of the CSE Law.

Eurivex Ltd., is the Nominated Advisor of the Issuer.

Goldman & Partners Ltd has requested approval to list up to 100.000.000 Performance Linked Notes of a nominal value of €1 with a maturity date of 1 April 2026 and to initially list 1.000.000 Performance Linked Notes.

Goldman & Partners Ltd was incorporated as a Special Purpose Vehicle with the purpose of facilitating investments in private investment funds, venture capital and investments in distressed assets aimed at achieving a higher yield compared to the average bank fixed deposits interest rate.

The trading of the above securities commenced on Monday, 18 July 2016. Τhe Cyprus Stock Exchange will undertake to keep the register of the above company in the CSE Central Depository/Registry.

The ISIN is CY0146492216 and the trading code is GNPN.