The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announced that it has accepted more than 15 listings of bonds on its Emerging Companies Market that were previously listed on the GXG Markets.

In the context of its efforts to improve its service and broaden the range of products and services provided, the Cyprus Stock Exchange has created two new Markets in the Emerging Companies Markets, according to which it now allows listings in Sterling pounds (GBP) and with the Registry of the Issuers not to be kept with the Cyprus Central Depository, but in CREST.

The securities to be traded will not be entered in the CSE’s Central Depository /Registry and will not be cleared / settled by the Central Depository / Registry. The clearing and settlement of the transactions for these two new markets in GBP will be carried out by clearing agents. The relevant Regulatory Decisions have been published in the Official Gazette of the Republic: RAA 311/2015, RAA 312/2015, RAA 313/2015 and RAA 314/2015.