Corporate bond listings

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Private corporations from most jurisdictions are eligible to issue and then list their bonds on the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange or the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (ECM/CSE) under simplified rules and conditions. Under the EUs MiFID regulations aimed at encouraging competition within capital markets, the EU allowed for [...]

T+2 successfully launched in Austria

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Since 6 October, securities that are traded on the Vienna Stock Exchange are settled within 2 days of the trade date (T+2) instead of 3 days. The process of exchanging securities against payment on the securities and cash accounts therefore takes place earlier. This leads to reduced risk and also means that the banks involved [...]

Business Plan is key to successful fund raising

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  A detailed and carefuly prepared business plan is critical to the success of any business which is looking to attract investors and raise funds. But the same business plan can also be used to convince management as to whether their aspirations and assumptions are feasible and achievable. With banks changing their lending model away [...]

Cyprus Stock Exchange offers fast track dual listings on EU stock exchanges

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The Cyprus Stock Exchange offers Issuers from any jurisdiction the opportunity to seek a fast-track dual listing on the London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and other EU stock exchanges provided the listing is done on the Main Market of the CSE. Despite all the problems encountered by Cyprus’ banking sector and the negative publicity [...]

Vireta lists on Cyprus Stock Exchange

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The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announced that it has accepted the listing on its Emerging Companies Market of 100 shares of nominal value €260 of “Vireta Investments Plc” with a listing price of €260. Eurivex, a Cyprus Investment Firm, regulated by CySEC is the company’s Nominated Advisor and guided the company to its successful listing. [...]

Mainer Investment bonds list on Vienna Stock Exchange

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Mainer Investment Limited has successfully listed its bonds on the MTF Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange with the objective of raising funds to finance ambitious investment and industrial projects in Russia. Mainer Investment Limited (Mainer) received regulatory permission to list up to USD 500 mln of its 2012-2020 bonds on the Multilateral Trading Facility [...]

Startups can list on Cyprus Stock Exchange, raise money

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Shavasb Bohdjalian Faced with the stark reality that securing a loan from the bank for established businesses will be very difficult during 2013 while next to impossible for startup companies, many entrepreneurs should consider bypassing the banks and approaching investors directly. The most cost effective way to raise money for startups is to consider the [...]

Listing Bonds on Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange

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Eurivex, a regulated Cyprus investment firm is an approved Nomad for listings on the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (ECM) under simplified listing rules. The Cyprus Stock Exchange, a eurozone member exchange allows private or public companies domiciled in any jurisdiction in addition to Cyprus to issue bonds and list them on [...]

Wargaming successfully lists on Cyprus Stock Exchange

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Eurivex is the Nomad of Wargaming, listing on CSE's Emerging Companies Market. The CSE Council announced that pursuant to Article 58(1) of the CSE Law, it has accepted the listing of 3,400,000 shares of nominal value €0.10 of “Wargaming Public Co Ltd” in the Emerging Companies Market. The issuer is exclusively responsible for distribution rights [...]