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Performance Linked Notes ideal for Hedge Fund Managers

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Hedge Fund Managers looking for an efficient, flexible and cost effective structure, which are very easy to setup and secure regulatory approval may now consider using Performance Linked Notes as an effective alternative to an investment fund. In order to secure regulatory approval to market the Performance Linked Notes throughout the EU27, the Notes are [...]

Listing UK P2P Lending Company Bonds

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…with access to the secondary market P2P Lending Companies wishing to raise funds from investors by offering an attractive return and at the same time speed up the disbursement of loans to their clients, are now in a position to issue and list their corporate bonds on EU stock markets under simplified listing rules and [...]

Cyprus Exchange lists ex-GXG Markets bonds

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The Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) announced that it has accepted more than 15 listings of bonds on its Emerging Companies Market that were previously listed on the GXG Markets. In the context of its efforts to improve its service and broaden the range of products and services provided, the Cyprus Stock Exchange has created two [...]

Corporate bond listings

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Private corporations from most jurisdictions are eligible to issue and then list their bonds on the Third Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange or the Emerging Companies Market of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (ECM/CSE) under simplified rules and conditions. Under the EUs MiFID regulations aimed at encouraging competition within capital markets, the EU allowed for [...]